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Raymond Thomas McCoy was born 27 June 1936 at the ranch on Hopper Road near Modesto, Ca. to Willie Marie Northup and William Caswell McCoy. He was married 23 Sep 1955 in the Church of Christ at 215 La Loma Ave in Modesto, Ca. to Jewell Helen Simmons. She was born September 25, 1936 at home in Pikeville, Tn. Her parents were James Hershcel Simmons and Ollie Roena Myers. They had 1 child.

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Raymond Thomas McCoy and Jewell Helen Simmons Family

Children of Raymond Thomas McCoy and Jewell Helen Simmons

Sherry Lynn McCoy B. 19 September 1960 M. 08 November 1980 to Steven Don Mauser (Divorced)